THE SOUTHSIDE Free Parking Privilege

Promotion Period: from now until further notice

Redemption Counter: GF Concierge (near Shop G18)

Opening hours: 7:30am – 11:30pm

Spending Requirement

Free Parking

HK$1001 Hour
HK$300 or above2 Hours

Customers shall present no more than two same-day valid original electronic sales receipt(s) with correspondence e-payment slip(s). Each sales receipt shall reach HK$100 or above. Each set of valid receipt is applicable to a maximum of 2 hours of free parking.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The parking charge is HK$24 per hour.
  2. Redemption of the free parking offers must be made before leaving THE SOUTHSIDE car park by using the same payment tool to enter and exit the car park to redeem free parking during the opening hours of concierge.
  3. To redeem one-hour free parking, customers are required to present single same-day valid original electronic sales receipt and the corresponding e-payment slip from purchase made at THE SOUTHSIDE designated merchants. To redeem two-hour parking offer, customers are required to present no more than two original same-day electronic spending receipts and the corresponding e-payment slips from purchases made at THE SOUTHSIDE designated merchants. Each sales receipt shall reach HK$100 or above. Any receipts of cash and cash voucher payment, counterfoil of EPS or credit card, bill payment, outdated, defaced, amended, deposits on merchandise, reloading of Octopus, duplicate, photocopied, handwritten or damaged receipts will not be accepted.
  4. If customers wish to use electronic currency to redeem free parking, they must present a valid receipt for same-day purchases of specified amounts at designated merchants in THE SOUTHSIDE, and make eligible electronic payments at the designated merchants using approved electronic payment methods (including credit cards, EPS, Octopus, Alipay, WeChat Pay, BoC Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, UnionPay QuickPass, Tap & Go, FPS, PayMe, OpenRice Pay, Atome, and any other stored value payment instruments governed by the Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance (Chapter 584)), along with the original electronic receipt or screenshot of the electronic currency payment confirmation or relevant electronic currency transaction record to enjoy free parking.
  5. Each valid electronic sales receipt can be used once only. All redemptions are non-exchangeable for cash and non-returnable.
  6. The parking fee for additional hours, excluding the free parking offers, will be charged on an hourly basis. Parking of less than one hour will be calculated as one hour.
  7. Each set of valid receipts is applicable to one vehicle only and a maximum of two hours of free parking, applied to the first two hours. Double redemption using the same set of valid receipts is not allowed. Customers will be requested to settle any outstanding parking fee if the redemption is found invalid.
  8. This offer is not applicable to any unregistered, cancelled or revoked transactions.
  9. In case there is, in our opinion, any fraud relating to or abuse of the free parking redemption services, THE SOUTHSIDE Management Office reserves the right to suspend the provision of free parking redemption to such customer until the outstanding balance of the parking fee is settled.
  10. Receipts of the following merchants or services are NOT applicable: Any non-designated electronic payments, temporary promotional booths, online shopping / takeaway order platforms, online payments (including collect in store), Third Party delivery platforms, MTR shops, any bill payments, transfers, purchase and usage of gift vouchers / coupons / gift cards / stored-value cards, reload of stored-value cards (except game centres), bill payments, autopay, bank, foreign currency exchanges, insurance and value-added services, other non-retail related spending (for instance: care and maintenance services, repair services, goods delivery, dismantling services, installation services), betting, school fees, purchase of travel or transport or entertainment related tickets fee or charges, 999.9 gold and gold saving club (not including decorated gold).
  11. THE SOUTHSIDE reserves the right to scan customers' electronic sales receipts and corresponding e-payment slips for internal reference only.
  12. Free parking cannot be redeemed once parking fee is settled.
  13. In the event of loss of the same payment tool to enter the car park, the customer must fully settle the actual parking fee in accordance with THE SOUTHSIDE’s parking record. Cash vouchers, discount coupons or car parking privileges will NOT be accepted to offset the charge.
  14. The free parking cannot be split, transferred, refunded or exchanged for cash or cash-equivalent coupons.
  15. Customers should follow the rules and regulations of the Car Park Service.
  16. THE SOUTHSIDE management office reserves the rights to terminate or amend the terms and conditions of the Parking Privilege without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of THE SOUTHSIDE management office shall be final.
  17. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.



Adhering to the concept of “Art in MTR”, THE SOUTHSIDE is committed to fostering an artistic community by injecting art elements into the mall, while strengthening the connection with the local community and brightening up Island South.

With the theme of “My Happy Moments in Island South”, THE SOUTHSIDE is showcasing an impressive collection of artworks from primary, secondary and special schools in Island South, which demonstrate the creativity and artistic talents of the young generation.

THE SOUTHSIDE is delighted to be collaborating with talented young local artists including Zue Chan, Pei Chung, Kitty N Wong and LeonLollipop to depict the uniqueness of Island South. By drawing on their love of its natural scenery, marine creatures, culinary delights, and childhood memories, these artists offer unique insights on their own creative process.

Please enjoy an exquisite journey at THE SOUTHSIDE with these captivating artworks!

THE SOUTHSIDE eVoucher / eCoupon Participating Merchants

MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon can be used at the following shops at THE SOUTHSIDE:

Cafés & Fast Food


Shop No.

Queen’s Cafe



Chinese & Asian Flavours


Shop No.

Prestige Cuisine




Shop No.





Shop No.

Imperial Patisserie


Kee Wah Bakery


The CakeryG47

Electronics & Telecommunications


Shop No.

AV Life


Gifts, Books & Stationery


Shop No.



Health Products & Personal Care


Shop No.

Premier FoodG10





Shop No.

Citylife south




Shop No.





Shop No.

Eagle SafesG35-36





Shop No.

U & I Korea TaekwondoG29-30
Twinkle Dance CompanyG31-33

Sheung Sang Tong Chinese Medicine Clinic


Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers must download the latest “MTR Mobile” mobile and sign up as Registered Users with email and mobile no. Each email and mobile no. can be used per one account only.
  2. A smartphone (iOS 12 and Android 7) with the MTR Mobile app, internet access and photography function is required to access MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon.
  3. MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon is applicable at the designated participating merchants. The participating merchant lists are available at “Accept MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon” on the MTR Mobile app or
  4. Registered users are required to read the usage terms and condition before redemption. Upon confirmation, the corresponding MTR Points will be deducted instantly from registered users’ account. No cancellation or point refund is allowed. The redemption process should be completed inside MTR Mobile App.
  5. Registered users are required to open the corresponding eVoucher / eCoupon and scan the designated QR Code provided by merchants to enjoy this discount offer.
  6. Registered users are required to collect or use the redeemed rewards at the designated mall or participating merchants within the designated period in person. Otherwise, the rewards will be forfeited automatically, with no refund of rewards or MTR Points.
  7. This eVoucher / eCoupon must be redeemed on the date or time specific, otherwise it will be forfeited. Screencap and copy of this eVoucher / eCoupon is invalid.
  8. This eVoucher / eCoupon is not allowed to transfer to other MTR Mobile user before redeemed.
  9. This eVoucher / eCoupon cannot be converted back to MTR Points or cannot be cancelled, altered, or exchanged for cash, nor for other gifts under any circumstances once it is used.
  10. The participating merchants shall bear sole responsibility for all obligations and liabilities related to the goods or services provided in return.
  11. The total value of each eVoucher / eCoupon will be deducted in full when used, and if there is any excess, such excess will be forfeited.
  12. This eVoucher / eCoupon is valid for one-time use only.
  13. This eVoucher / eCoupon can be used in conjunction with other merchants’ promotional offers and each time more than one voucher can be used. For the number of each eVoucher / eCoupon can be used per transaction, please refer to the Terms & Conditions on relevant eVoucher / eCoupon.
  14. Once eVoucher / eCoupon is used in the transaction, a confirmation page with animation and unique transaction number will be shown on the MTR Mobile app. Please show the transaction number to shop staff as confirmation.
  15. Each transaction is limited to MTR Malls eVoucher / eCoupon held by the same MTR Mobile member.
  16. This eVoucher / eCoupon is not applicable to any value-adding service (exclude game centers) or payment service, purchase of any gift and shopping voucher and 999.9 gold (excluding gold accessories)
  17. MTR Malls and the participating Merchants/Suppliers will not bear any responsibility in any case of network problems, system malfunctioning, poor phone reception, blocking by third party applications, incomplete/ inaccurate/ missing information provided by customers that cause the delay, loss, mistake or corruption of an information transfer, which caused failure of completion of order/transaction or other issues of order/transaction.
  18. This program is subjected to the terms and conditions of MTR Point Scheme, should there be any discrepancy, these terms and conditions shall prevail. For details of the MTR Points terms and conditions, please refer to the in-mall communication, Terms of Use in the MTR Mobile app, or contact MTR Points Service Hotline at 2993 4375 for enquiries.
  19. MTR Malls will not reissue eVoucher / eCoupon if lost or stolen.
  20. In case of disputes, the decision of the MTR Malls management office shall be final.


During the promotion period, registered users can earn MTR Points on MTR Mobile upon HK$200* or above single electronic spending^ at THE SOUTHSIDE.

Promotion Period: 1 Nov 2023 – 30 Apr 2024

Gift Redemption Period: 1 Nov 2023 – 3 May 2024

^Electronic spending including credit cards, EPS, Octopus, AliPay, WeChat Pay, BoC Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, QuickPass, Tap & Go, Faster Payment System (FPS), Payme, OpenRice pay or other stored value facilities under the regulatory supervision of “Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance” (Cap.584).

*For Dining, Supermarket or Services shops at MTR Malls, the maximum spending amount of each spending receipt eligible to earn points is HK$5,000.

Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions

Please visit MTR Mobile website for more details.

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